Halloween Weddings

If HALLOWEEN is your thing, then we have the thing for you! Jack Skellington visits our chapel every year for some spooky fun. Halloween weddings have a premium fee, however any other type of theme you wish to have for your wedding is no extra charge.

Other Themed Wedding Ideas

Here at The Little Log Wedding Chapel we love seeing how creative our couples can be. Have some fun and personalize your wedding. What does your wedding look like? You mean the WORLD to us! You can add a heartwarming theme that means the world to you! Bring some props to use for a few photos or stay in theme from start to finish. Your dream wedding is only as limited as your imagination can take you. Everyone’s fairy-tale is their own! We love seeing how creative couples can be. Have you always wanted to be your favourite Disney princess or dreamed of walking down the aisle to meet your superhero? Did you meet online, are you gamers, how about a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings theme? Sports, vintage, rustic cowboy style, whimsical, nautical, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you can just wear batman socks or is hockey or baseball your favourite pastime, incorporate your theme just into your bouquet or from head to toe!

Throwing in the towel

Or our personal favourite “Throwing in the towel” – Are you ½ way through your big wedding plans that are getting too stressful, expensive and drama filled? Throw in the towel, come to elope in Niagara and surprise everyone later!