An intimate ceremony makes for an affordable and fun wedding party !

Whether you’re planning a small wedding gathering or are eloping, you should know that Niagara, Ontario is the perfect place for a low-cost, no-stress wedding…and an affordable and fun wedding party. Every year, 14 million people visit the gorgeous Niagara region, and some choose to tie the knot while they are there. Home to Niagara Falls, wine tasting at local vineyards and an indoor aviary, this region never disappoints. Use these tips to plan a tiny wedding or elopement party that is unforgettable.

Indulge your interests and passions

Unless you live in the area, you may be alone with your partner when you get married. If you have a group with you, it may be a very small group. Paying for a lavish, bigger party would be fantastic, and appropriate, if your wedding was larger, but going small still gives you the power to indulge your own interests and passions. In other words, your wedding party will be about you and your partner, rather than about the rest of the group. Make the most of this freedom by celebrating your wedding with a special dinner out, or a trip to a local winery, a nature tour or an affordable and fun wedding party. Choose an awesome Niagara attraction that gets rave reviews and then build your wedding party around it.

Make sure to buy wedding cake pops

A tiny wedding is a smart decision for so many reasons. It’s cheaper, so it’s a great way to avoid debt. It’s fast, so you won’t need to wait to make a lifetime commitment to your partner. It’s intimate, so you won’t feel like you’re onstage while you’re saying your vows. To get the most from your after-party, be sure to buy a cake. For a modern twist on traditional wedding cake, buy wedding cake pops from Elope Niagara. Wedding cake pops are so cute and they look amazing in wedding pics (and on Instagram).

If you’re not allowed to bring cake pops to a restaurant (call when you make a reservation to find out the rules), order cake from the dessert menu and feed it to one another. Share it with guests unless you’re alone with your partner. This ritual will be so meaningful. It’s a great way to celebrate a tiny wedding.

Plan a first dance

You don’t need to rent a huge wedding venue and hire a DJ to enjoy a first dance in Niagara, Ontario after your tiny wedding or elopement. You may dance at a local nightspot, or dance in the park, or dance at some restaurants. Your first dance can be as public or private as you want it to be. If you want to dance outdoors, surrounded by the natural beauty that Niagara Falls is renowned for, be sure to bring a music player along, in addition to small speakers. Create a playlist that includes one song that is just for the first dance.

Simple can be beautiful

You’ve chosen a tiny wedding or elopement to keep it simple. Your wedding party should be simple, too. Don’t stress about wedding party planning. Instead, indulge your interests and passions, buy tasty wedding cake pops and plan a very romantic first dance. You’ll find that the joy that you feel during your wedding carries over afterwards. Your sense of elation will help you to enjoy an amazing party, at a local restaurant or anywhere else.

Fun for Couples in Niagara Falls

Written by Chrissy Dawson

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